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Master of Science (MS)

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Smith, Rhett C.

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Bhattacharyya , Gautam

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Tennyson , Andrew G.


In today's society, there is a constant need for the development and production of new and improved technology, especially in the development of light emitting diodes for screens in electronic devices, and photovoltaic cells as sources for alternative energy. New insights for the development of such technology can be elucidated through the incorporation of chromophoric diphosphines into phosphonium and platinum(II) polymer frameworks. From diphosphine incorporation, it will be shown that polymer properties can be enhanced for such applications by invoking phosphorescence, and providing a modular platform for generating multilayer polymer films that provide intriguing energy transfer capabilities in the visible spectrum. All of these attributes are highly desired qualities for better understanding how to control desired properties in polymer design and synthesis.

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Chemistry Commons