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Master of Arts (MA)

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Professional Communication


Haynes, Cynthia

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Blakesley , David

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Holmevik , Jan Rune


This paper integrates composition theory with pedagogical practice in order to redefine what is traditionally viewed as the `writing classroom.' Specifically, it explores a new way of considering composition as both a term and a cultural ideology that encompasses many forms of creative expression: traditional alphabetic texts, digital alphabetic texts, multimodal texts such as videos and podcasts, and programming code. The work explores a pedagogical model that can be used to teach composition in its various forms. It also examines what it means to instruct in a classroom in today's digital age by incorporating ideas from traditional classroom teaching, online pedagogy, and dialogic learning methods to propose a model that can span the distance that often exists between teacher and student - literally and figuratively. This thesis suggests a new solution that moves beyond current binaries (print vs. digital, in-class vs. online teaching, textual vs. multimodal) to form a new, inclusive model: The Open Source Composition Space.

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