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Master of Science (MS)

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Morse, John C

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Adler , Peter H

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English , William R


Diplectrona modesta Banks 1908 (Trichoptera: Hydropsychidae) is a common inhabitant of streams across eastern North America. This species is well known and used often in biomonitoring studies. Experts in the field have long noted the morphological variation in larval head color and patterns as well as the species presence in many different types of habitats, such as springs, seeps, streams, and some small rivers. This study examines the species both morphologically and molecularly using mitochondrial and nuclear genes in order to determine if the species is a complex of several species or one highly variable species. DNA sequencing using the mitochondrial COI gene and D2 region of the 28s nuclear gene revealed 5 haplotypes, indicating a complex of several species or morphs. Morphological variations of the larval head capsule correspond with the haplotype grouping. No corresponding traits were found in the adults of the species. Without characters to separate the adults along with the larvae, these haplotype groups will not be described as new species at this time.

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