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Master of Arts (MA)

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Paul, Catherine E

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Chapman , Wayne K

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Weise , Jillian


This thesis focuses on the text End to Torment: A Memoir of Ezra Pound by H.D., as well as the small collection of poetry entitled 'Hilda's Book' by Ezra Pound, which appears in the back of the memoir. My exploration into these texts consists of the reliability of memory, the role memory plays on identity, and the significance of identity as defined by non-fiction, creative writing. For End to Torment, I focus specifically on H.D.'s approach to memory as defined by her work with Dr. Sigmund Freud, as well as the impact this approach has on the presentation of Pound's identity in the memoir. For 'Hilda's Book,' I focus specifically on Pound's representation of the female, particularly with regard to nature, and explore how this representation helps to define the identity of H.D. The combination of these explorations provides insight into the identity of H.D. and Pound throughout their adult lives, and encourages the reader to re-examine End to Torment as a text that is more than just the retelling of a long-lasting relationship.



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