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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Industrial and Organizational Psychology


Raymark, Patrick

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Pak , Richard

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Pury , Cynthia

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Taylor , Mary Anne

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Giumetti , Gary


Organizational recruitment websites have become an important tool for both recruiters and job seekers. The structural characteristics of such websites (e.g., aesthetics, usability) have received some attention but less research has examined the content of these websites. A weblog (or blog), specifically a leader or CEO blog, is one novel way that organizations can impact recruitment through their website. Although research is limited, anecdotal evidence suggests that blogs may be a powerful recruiting tool.
In line with research that suggests followers prefer leaders who are similar to themselves (e.g., Keller, 1999), the effectiveness of leader blog messages for recruitment purposes may be a function of how well the content and/or style match the characteristics of the job seekers. The current study examined job applicant personality characteristics as well as implicit leadership theories (ILTs; Offerman, Kennedy, & Wirtz, 1994) as predictors of leader preference, and subsequent attraction to the organization, using an organizational recruitment website with leader information presented in a weblog. Perceptions of the leader were found to be more favorable when the content of the blog was consistent with participants' ILT, such that increases in ratings of the corresponding ILT component were associated with increased preference for the leader. The current study provides support for the position that ILTs are important for understanding ratings of leader preference, and furthermore, that these effects can be found simply by reading a blog on a website.

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