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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Career and Technical Education


Paige, William

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Poston , Cheryl

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Layfield , Dale

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Dobbins , Thomas


This research study explored perceptions of readiness to participate in distance learning among the certified behavioral workforce in Florida. The study sought to determine if there were significant differences in perception of readiness to participate in distance learning between certified behavioral health professionals at the administrator level and the individual counselor level. The total number of participants used in the study was 336 (Administrators 106 - Individual Counselors 230).
This investigation was designed as a qualitative analysis of categorical data pertaining to self-reported readiness to adopt distance learning in the certified behavioral workforce in Florida. Data collection and analysis were based on methods established for identifying aspects of and barriers to readiness for distance learning. The following research question was explored in this study: 'Is there a difference in the perception of readiness to adopt distance learning at the administrator versus individual counselor level in Florida's certified behavioral health workforce?'
A survey instrument was distributed to determine the perceptions of behavioral health counselors and administrators in regards to their preparedness for distance learning. This study which analyzed all twenty seven items and compared averages of p values, results support the hypothesis that there are no statistically significant differences at the <.05 alpha level between individual counselors and administrators currently working in the Florida behavioral health field.



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