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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Curriculum and Instruction


Medford, Lienne

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Kaminski , Rebecca

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Reinking , David

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Howard , Tharon


Using the method of a formative experiment, this investigation examined how the use of peer revision and collaboration in an online environment could be implemented in a seventh-grade classroom to increase revision of writing over multiple drafts and improve the quality of student expository writing. Thirty-six students in two sections of a seventh-grade English language arts class participated in the study. Quantitative and qualitative data were collected prior to the intervention to establish baseline data and determine progress toward the pedagogical goal. Qualitative data were also gathered and analyzed throughout the intervention to assess progress toward the goal. Quantitative data included student writing samples and Piazza and Siebert's (2008) Writing Dispositions Survey. Qualitative data gathered included classroom artifacts, electronic communications between students and teachers, student interviews, focal student interviews, focal student think-alouds, teacher interviews, and field notes. Analyses revealed improvement in the amount of student revision and quality of student writing, as well as improved peer feedback using an online community for peer revision and collaboration. The success of this intervention was related to the teacher's commitment to writing and reflective practice, positive student attitudes and strong bonds between students, explicit time and structures for writing and revision in the classroom, and the visibility and sense of playfulness brought to the peer revision process by technology. Inhibiting factors, unanticipated effects, and transformations to the instructional environment are also discussed.

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