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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Computer Science


McGregor, John D

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Hallstrom , Jason O

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Goddard , Wayne

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Madison , Alan W


The explicit design of the architecture for a software product is a well established part of development projects. As the software architecture descriptions are becoming larger and more complex, there is more likelihood of defects being present in the software architecture. Studies have shown that a defect in the software architecture that has propagated to the development phase is very expensive to fix. To prevent such propagation of defects, this research proposes to provide debugging support for software architecture design.
Debugging is commonly used in programming languages to effectively find the cause of a failure and locate the error to provide a fix. The same should be accomplished in software architectures to debug architecture failures. Without debugging support, the software architect is unable to quickly locate and determine the source of an error.
In our work, we define a process for debugging software architecture and provide analysis techniques to locate defects in a software architecture that fails to meet functional and non-functional requirements. We have implemented the techniques and provide an evaluation of the techniques based on examples using an industry standard architecture definition language, Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL).