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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Career and Technology Education

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Paige, William D

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Dobbins , Thomas R

Committee Member

Poston , Cheryl E

Committee Member

White Sr. , Curtis D


This study examined the leadership attributes perceived to be possessed by the presidents in South Carolina's Technical College System. The participants consisted of 16 presidents and 80 subordinates that were selected by the presidents. All participants were asked to complete the Leader Attribute Inventory . Additionally, each participant was requested to identify and rank attributes needed for future leadership at their institution. Demographic data were also gathered about the participants and summarized. The survey responses were collected via United States Postal Service, transposed into spreadsheets and analyzed to determine what relationships existed between the presidents' self perception and the subordinates observed perception of the presidents possessed leader attributes. Descriptive statistics and t-tests were computed to examine and analyze the data. The findings from the study indicated that no significant differences exist between the self perception and observed perception of leader attributes possessed by SC Technical College presidents. When clustered into groups, presidents and subordinate observers both perceived that the presidents possessed attributes highest in the Personal Skills group and least in the Managerial Skills. Comparing the identification and ranking of future needed leaders attributes of college presidents, the president and subordinate observers agreed that Ethical, Visionary and Personal Integrity are common attributes needed by future leadership. Overall, the data suggested that the self perceptions held by the presidents were supported by similar perceptions of those in observational roles as subordinates.



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