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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management


Backman, Shelia

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Backman , Kenneth

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Oh , Chi Ok

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Norman , William

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Henry , Mark


The purpose of this study is to estimate the private consumption benefits derived from the college football game experience and determine whether these benefits would justify the utilization of public subsidies for construction projects of university sports facilities. A systematic sampling strategy was used to collect email addresses from individuals visiting Clemson, South Carolina to participate in the Clemson University home football game experience. The study's response rate was 56.9% with a sample size of n=769. Results reveal South Carolina residents participating in the Clemson home football game experience derive $168.80 per person per game in private consumption benefits (i.e., consumer surplus). Multiplying the estimated private consumption benefits derived by South Carolina residents by the total number of South Carolina residents that visit Clemson, South Carolina to attend Clemson home football games, results in an aggregate value of $75 million in private consumption benefits for the 2008 football season.