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Horton, Paul M

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Benson , Eric P

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Gorsuch , Clyde


The ants of South Carolina were surveyed in the literature, museum, and field collections using pitfall traps. M. R. Smith was the last to survey ants in South Carolina on a statewide basis and published his list in 1934. VanPelt and Gentry conducted a survey of ants at the Savanna River Plant in the 1970's. This is the first update on the ants of South Carolina since that time.
A preliminary list of ants known to occur in South Carolina has been compiled. Ants were recently sampled on a statewide basis using pitfall traps. Two hundred and forty-three (243) transects were placed in 15 different habitat types. A total of 2673 pitfalls traps were examined, 41,414 individual ants were identified. Additionally this list is supplemented with confirmed literature identifications, museum specimens, and various hand and litter sifting collections. Hand collections and Winkler sifted litter samples near Clemson, SC yielded an additional 768 specimens. A total of 121 species from 38 genera are listed. County of record and habitats are given where known.
The data from these collections along with SC GAP Analysis data were used to map the distribution of the ants across landscape type and physiographic region. Distributions for a total of 65 species were modeled. A predicted species richness map was generated by adding the distribution maps using GIS software. Species richness ranged from zero to 41 species. Species lists by habitat affinities These distribution models may be prove useful in predicting ant assemblages in defined landscapes which can be used in land management decisions.

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