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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Applied Health Research and Evaluation

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Dr. Sarah Griffin

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Dr. Lior Rennert

Committee Member

Dr. Kerry Sease

Committee Member

Dr. Xia Jing


Adolescence is a unique developmental period during which most lifelong mental health illnesses develop. Interventions and programs targeting adolescent health care utilization and effectiveness often fail to include measures of implementation science including long term sustainability and contextual characteristics. The purpose of this dissertation was to evaluate two programs designed to increase health care utilization and engagement in adolescent populations. Guided by the Practical, Robust, Implementation and Sustainability Framework (PRISM), strengths and weaknesses across model delivery and context of School-based Health Centers (SBHC) were assessed through in-depth interviews with clinicians, managers, and school staff. SBHC outcomes and services were assessed in comparison to traditional pediatric clinics using propensity score matching. And lastly, a pediatric navigation service for referral connection support was assessed on referral connection and predictors of referral noncompletion. The findings presented in this dissertation have important implications for informative implementation and delivery of programming and interventions.

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Public Health Commons



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