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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Education and Organizational Leadership Development

Committee Chair/Advisor

Dr. Sarah Stokowski

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Dr. Michael Godfrey

Committee Member

Dr. Matthew Boyer

Committee Member

Dr. Rachel Wagner



There is an underrepresentation of women in the formal role of athletic directors in the interscholastic sport setting. Additionally, little is known about the lack of female representation at the interscholastic level. Utilizing phenomenological methodology, this study explored the career paths and lived experiences of interscholastic athletic directors. Using purposeful sampling, 13 female interscholastic athletic directors took part in semi-structured interviews. Emerging ideas from the lens of current female interscholastic athletic directors offer implications about direction and information needed to assist inspiring young females as they ascend the career ladder in becoming interscholastic athletic directors.

Available for download on Thursday, August 31, 2023