Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Educational Leadership P-12

Committee Chair/Advisor

Hans Klar

Committee Member

Daniella Hall Sutherland

Committee Member

Alison Elizabeth Leonard

Committee Member

Michelle Boettcher


The purpose of this study was to understand how transformative leaders break down barriers to increase access to arts integration for Black and Hispanic students. To fulfill this purpose, I conducted a multiple case study of two school sites in two different school districts. I collected the data for the cases through interviews with the principal of each school, interviews with two teachers from each site, field notes from site visits, and documents and artifacts from each site. This study is significant because the data provides transformative leaders with an action plan in order to make arts-integrated programs more equitable and accessible. I found that these transformative leaders create a shared arts integration school vision, increase frequency and accessibility to high-quality arts integration for students of all backgrounds, evaluate and utilize school assets such as staff, funding, and curriculum, and create a school culture that supports arts integration. This study supports prior research that a shared vision is one of the most significant changes that transformative leaders can make, professional development is crucial in providing effective and high quality arts integration, arts integration increases student academic achievement and engagement, and arts integration increases collaboration among students and teachers. This study adds to research because while researchers have studied transformative leadership in general education, arts integration as a whole, and transformative leaders in fine arts programs, this study is the first to study how transformative leaders transform schools with school-wide arts integration to be more equitable and accessible for Black and Hispanic students.



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