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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Electrical Engineering


Dawson, Darren M

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Rafert , J. Bruce

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Taylor , Robert L

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Barnes , Peter A


The problem of a slot in a perfectly conducting surface is addressed for a variety of configurations using both integral equation and transmission line techniques. The use of Bethe hole theory to model short slots is discussed and utilized where appropriate. Primary problems of discussion are a slot array, wires coupling through slots in a ground plane, and wires coupling through slots in a bent ground plane. Additionally, the use of the extended BLT formulation for incorporation of slot effects in a transmission line problem is addressed. In this manuscript, the work of Bethe is extended to include cross-aperture coupling for the first time. Further, techniques for coupling Bethe hole theory with the method of moments are presented. Other major contributions include method of moments formulations for apertures in wedge geometries.