Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Electrical Engineering

Committee Chair/Advisor

Dr. Judson D. Ryckman

Committee Member

Dr. William R. Harrell

Committee Member

Dr. Eric G. Johnson

Committee Member

Dr. Igor Luzinov


This dissertation uses porous silicon as a material platform to explore novel optical effects in three domains: (i) It studies dispersion engineering in integrated waveguides to achieve high performance group index sensing. With proper design parameters, the sensor waveguides can theoretically achieve 6 times larger group index shift compared to the actual bulk effective refractive index shift. We demonstrate the guided mode confinement factor to be a key parameter in design and implementation of these waveguides. (ii) It explores multicolor laser illumination to experimentally demonstrate perceptually enhanced colorimetric sensing, overcoming the limitations faced by many contemporary colorimetric sensors. Our technique allows our sensor to achieve ~ 7 to 30 times higher sensitivities and ~ 30 to 1000 times lower limits of detection compared to current colorimetric sensors. (iii) It develops a novel imprinting technique to laterally pattern arbitrary refractive index on the porous silicon surface to realize nanoscale flat optical components. We demonstrate and characterize imprinted flat lens arrays and show how myriads of possible applications are to be implemented using this nanoimprinting technique. While the material primarily used in this dissertation is porous silicon, many of the demonstrated techniques are generalizable and can be extended towards other materials of interest to achieve high performance patterning and sensing.

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