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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Learning Sciences

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Faiza Jamil

Committee Member

Nicole Bannister Sinwell

Committee Member

Tia Dumas

Committee Member

Luke Rapa

Committee Member

Kendra Stewart-Tillman


This study examined how personal, behavioral and environmental factors influenced educational outcomes of Black collegians at predominately white institutions in the south. Specifically, 11 institutions are represented in this study from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. The purpose of this study was to provide an opportunity for Black collegians to share via quantitative methods how their Blackness impacted their perspectives on their career and life. The specific ways in which Blackness was examined was through Black affirmation from faculty, peers and administrators in the learning environment, beliefs about their Black identity, and utilization of cultural capital. The study was grounded in Critical perspectives including Critical Race Theory, BlackCrit, and QuantCrit as a means of emphasizing the importance of race and racism in the educational experience of Black collegians. The data collected through a survey was analyzed using structural equation modeling. The implications focused on educators, administrators and Black collegians as a means for shifting from an anti-Blackness perspective in education.



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