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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

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Xiaoqian Sun

Committee Member

Andrew Brown

Committee Member

Joseph Bible

Committee Member

Yu-Bo Wang


The missing data problem pervasively exists in statistical applications. Even as simple as the count data in mortality projections, it may not be available for certain age-and-year groups due to the budget limitations or difficulties in tracing research units, resulting in the follow-up estimation and prediction inaccuracies. To circumvent this data-driven challenge, we extend the Poisson log-normal Lee-Carter model to accommodate a more flexible time structure, and develop the new sampling algorithm that improves the MCMC convergence when dealing with incomplete mortality data. Via the overdispersion term and Gibbs sampler, the extended model can be re-written as the dynamic linear model so that both Kalman and sequential Kalman filters can be incorporated into the sampling scheme. Additionally, our meticulous prior settings can avoid the re-scaling step in each MCMC iteration, and allow model selection simultaneously conducted with estimation and prediction. The proposed method is applied to the mortality data of Chinese males during the period 1995-2016 to yield mortality rate forecasts for 2017-2039. The results are comparable to those based on the imputed data set, suggesting that our approach could handle incomplete data well.



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