Date of Award

December 2019

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Institute on Family and Community Life

Committee Member

Mark A Small

Committee Member

Martie Thompson

Committee Member

Susan P Limber

Committee Member

Blerim Saqipi


The focus of the research was to determine the relationship among social competence, attitudes toward school and academic achievement of primary school students in Kosovo. Participants in the study were 206 students of 4th grade classes from five different schools in Kosovo, one of their parents and teachers. Parents completed a Survey of Students’ Characteristics, children completed a self-report measure on School Attitude, and teachers completed the Social Competency Rating Form and the School Attitude/Behavior Teacher Version for each of the children in their class. Teachers also assessed the children’s academic performance in 7-items Likert-type scale for each of the children in their class. The study used a correlational design to examine the different factors associated with social competences and attitudes towards school, and multiple linear regression analysis to determine the degree to which each of the independent variables is predictive of social competence, attitudes towards school, and academic achievement. The results showed that parental engagement and relationships with friends were significant predictors of social competence in children. Results also showed that parental involvement, relationship with the teacher and friends were significant predictors of development of attitudes towards school. Finally, yet importantly, results showed that social competence and attitudes towards school were significant predictors of academic achievement in elementary school students. Parental education strategies and school-based intervention programs are suggested to support improving the social behaviors and attitudes of children, build supportive relationships and increase parental participation in children’s school activities.



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