Date of Award

May 2019

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Planning, Development, and Preservation

Committee Member

Michael Carlos Kleiss

Committee Member

Melissa Vogel

Committee Member

Dina Battisto

Committee Member

Ufuk Ersoy


The patterns design in Geringsing textiles are unique because they are produced using the double-ikat weaving technique. The double-ikat weaving technique is found in only three places in the world: India, Indonesia, and Japan. Geringsing textile is produced in Tenganan Pegringsingan in Bali, Indonesia, and its culture passes from generation to generation as an oral tradition. To preserve, document, and digitize this knowledge, a sequential research methodology of ethnography and simulation with visual computation analysis—shape grammar—was employed in this study. This study was divided into several stages: (1) learning the double-ikat technique from the artisans on the site, (2) translating the technique into a culturally specific shape grammar, (3) modeling the grammar into a design application, and (4) verifying the culturally specific design application to the local artisans and younger generations by revisiting the site. The study contributes to the extension of shape grammar for preservation of cultural heritage by integrating cultural knowledge with the process of decoding the rules and verifying the design application that is built upon the rules with the local artisans and members of the younger generations. Additionally, this culturally specific shape grammar and culturally specific design application can be used as a design tool for the local artisans as well as a supplemental tool in transmitting the cultural knowledge to the younger generations.



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