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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Industrial Engineering

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Dr. Byung Rae Cho, Committee Chair

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Dr. Mary E. Kurz

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Dr. David Neyens

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Dr. Robert Riggs


Precision Medicine (PM) seeks to customize medical treatments for patients based on measurable and identifiable characteristics. Unlike personalized medicine, this effort is not intended to result in tailored care for each patient. Instead, this effort seeks to improve overall care within the medical domain by shifting the focus from one-size-fits-all care to optimized care for specified subgroups. In order for the benefits of PM to be expeditiously realized, the diverse skills sets of the scientific community must be brought to bear on the problem. This research effort explores the intersection of quality engineering (QE) and healthcare to outline how existing methodologies within the QE field could support existing PM research goals. Specifically this work examines how to determine the value of patient characteristics for use in disease prediction models with select machine learning algorithms, proposes a method to incorporate patient risk into treatment decisions through the development of performance functions, and investigates the potential impact of incorrect assumptions on estimation methods used in optimization models.