Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Education and Organizational Leadership Development

Committee Member

Dr. Russ Marion, Committee Chair

Committee Member

Dr. Robert Knoeppel

Committee Member

Dr. Eileen Kraemer

Committee Member

Dr. D. Matthew Boyer


This study seeks to understand teacher effect on student test scores with perspectives from complexity and network theories. The assumptions are that network relationships and interactive dynamics are important to individual productivity in knowledge intensive organizations such as schools. Data were collected from students, faculty and staff in ten elementary schools in one school district in the southeast US. The analytical framework included: network analyses, hierarchical linear modeling, Lenth's analysis, response surface methodology and multiple regression. Results support the assumptions. Teacher's network measures exhibited complex linear, curvilinear and interactive effects on student test scores. Teachers who are central in the advice network and who broker trust are especially effective. Implications and future studies are discussed.



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