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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Computer Science

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Stevenson, Dennis

Committee Member

Hedetniemi , Stephen

Committee Member

Hedetniemi , Sandee

Committee Member

Warner , Dan

Committee Member

Smith , Kelly


In the past few years, the focus in microprocessors has shifted from increasing speed to creating processors
that contain multiple cores. In order to effectively use the new processors, concurrent specifications
and applications must be developed. Additionally, there are many applications that require the specifications
to be provably correct. CAPS (Concurrent Automatic Programming System) is designed to aid the user in
the creation, execution, and formal verification of concurrent specifications.
The specification language of CAPS (CAPSL) is a very high-level language designed for concurrency
and automatic conversion to a colored Petri net (CP-net). For each statement of the language, there
exists a mapping to a colored Petri net. Once in the form of a CP-net, the specifications can be formally
verified or a simulation can be run.



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