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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Industrial-Organizational Psychology

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Mary Anne Taylor, PhD, Committee Chair

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DeWayne Moore, PhD

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Fred Switzer, PhD

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James McCubbin, PhD


The current study used structural equation modeling to examine the relationship between demands and control on the outcome variables stress and health. Karasek’s (1979) Demand-Control model was used as a conceptual framework and age was also examined as a variable of interest. Multiple operationalizations of both age (chronological and subjective) and control (decision latitude and problem focused coping) were examined using a sample of 155 call center employees. Contrary to hypotheses, direct effects were not found for demands or decision latitude on either stress or self-rated health and no moderating effects were found for either decision latitude or problem focused coping. A direct effect was found for problem focused coping in that an increase in problem focused coping led to higher self-rated health. Subjective age was found to predict problem focused coping. Future research should further investigate problem focused coping as an important resource for employees given the relationships found in this study.