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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Mathematical Science


Dr. Hyesuk Lee

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Dr. Leo Rebholz

Committee Member

Dr. Eleanor Jenkins

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Dr. Timo Heister


Fluid-structure interaction (FSI) is ubiquitous in both manufacturing and nature. At the same time, models describing this phenomenon are highly sensitive and nonlinear. Providing an analytical solution to these models for a realistic set of initial and boundary conditions has proven to be intractable.

Within the domain of computational simulation, significant effort has been invested in de-veloping numerical methods to approximate solutions using these models. Current efforts to date have included monolithic and partitioned schemes.

In this dissertation, a novel partitioned approach is detailed in the context of Galerkin finite elements using body fitted meshes. It capitalizes upon the continuity of traction force on the interface shared between fluid and structure subdomains. Introducing a Neumann control in lieu of this shared traction force, the problem is decoupled and permits solving fluid and structure subproblems both independently and simultaneously.