Date of Award


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Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Legacy Department


Committee Chair/Advisor

Dr. Daniel Miller

Committee Member

Dr. Thomas Mroz

Committee Member

Dr. Michael Maloney

Committee Member

Dr. Raymond Sauer

Committee Member

Dr. Chungsang Lam


The effects of pharmaceutical treatment on patient health, pricing of pharmaceuticals and their regulation are the backbone of my research. My work reflects two current trends used to advance our knowledge in the field: the use of dynamic structural models that is supplemented by detailed administrative individual-level data.

This thesis consists of three chapters that address a number of policy-relevant questions in health economics using both individual- and market-level outcomes. In the first chapter I take a market-level approach to look at the effect of mergers between insurance companies on Medicare Part D plan premiums and generosity of coverage. In the following two chapters I study the effects of ADHD treatment on children's health and behavioral outcomes.



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