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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Educational Leadership


Havice, Pamela

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Cawthon, Tony

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Raychaudhuri, Uttiyo

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Spearman, Melinda


The number of graduate students who chose to participate in study abroad experiences has grown within recent years. As this population of study abroad participants continues to expand, it is necessary for study abroad faculty and staff to understand the learning outcomes that graduate students experience after their study abroad program. This study sought to uncover the long-term impact of a study abroad experience on a graduate student participant. By utilizing narrative inquiry as a methodology, the researcher collected lived experiences from four graduate student study abroad alumni. Each participant's narrative story was re-told and analyzed for growth experienced as a result of their study abroad experience. The study identified four themes that graduate students who participate in a study abroad program experienced. The themes included increased self-confidence, an appreciation for diversity, self-reflection, and career and learning development.