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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Applied Economics


Tollison, Robert

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McCormick , Robert

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Sauer , Raymond

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Coffey , Bentley


The NCAA men's basketball tournament paid out over $122 million to athletic conferences during the 2005-06 season alone. Using data from previous basketball seasons, I formulate a theory as to the actions athletic conferences may encourage their basketball referees to take in order to enhance their share of the purse. If we consider the individual team within a group of college teams acting as a division of the larger 'firm,' that being the conference and not an individual 'firm' itself, then it is appropriate to suggest a single team would allow actions that at first glance seem detrimental. Initial research into referees' actions during games provides some slight evidence toward their favoring of particular teams depending on the possibility of those teams entering the tournament. Additionally, evidence is found to support the idea of the 'home-court' advantage in officiating.

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