Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Legacy Department

Industrial Engineering

Committee Chair/Advisor

Ferrell, William G.

Committee Member

Kurz , Mary E.

Committee Member

Mayorga , Maria E.

Committee Member

Cho , Byung R.


This dissertation investigated the extension of the Integrated Production and Distribution Scheduling Problem (IPDSPP) using a variety of perishable products, applying the JIP principle and make-to-order strategy to integrate the production and distribution schedules. A single perishable product with a constant lifetime after production was used in the model discussed here. The objective of the problem was to find the solution that results in minimal system total transportation costs while satisfying customer demand within a fixed time horizon. In the solution, the fleet size, vehicle route and distribution schedule, plant production batch size and schedule were determined simultaneously. This research employed non-identical vehicles to fulfill the distribution; each allowed multiple trips within the time horizon. Both the single plant and multiple plant scenarios were analyzed in this research. For each scenario, the complexity analysis, mixed integer programming model, heuristic algorithms and comprehensive empirical study are provided.



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