SBIR - STTR Data and Code for Collecting Wrangling and Using It


Data set consisting of data joined for analyzing the SBIR/STTR program. Data consists of individual awards and agency-level observations. The R and python code required for pulling, cleaning, and creating useful data sets has been included. Allard_Get and Clean Data.R This file provides the code for getting, cleaning, and joining the numerous data sets that this project combined. This code is written in the R language and can be used in any R environment running R 3.5.1 or higher. If the other files in this Dataverse are downloaded to the working directory, then this Rcode will be able to replicate the original study without needing the user to update any file paths. Allard SBIR STTR WebScraper.py This is the code I deployed to multiple Amazon EC2 instances to scrape data o each individual award in my data set, including the contact info and DUNS data. Allard_Analysis_APPAM SBIR project Forthcoming Allard_Spatial Analysis Forthcoming Awards_SBIR_df.Rdata This unique data set consists of 89,330 observations spanning the years 1983 - 2018 and accounting for all eleven SBIR/STTR agencies. This data set consists of data collected from the Small Business Administration's Awards API and also unique data collected through web scraping by the author. Budget_SBIR_df.Rdata 246 observations for 20 agencies across 25 years of their budget-performance in the SBIR/STTR program. Data was collected from the Small Business Administration using the Annual Reports Dashboard, the Awards API, and an author-designed web crawler of the websites of awards. Solicit_SBIR-df.Rdata This data consists of observations of solicitations published by agencies for the SBIR program. This data was collected from the SBA Solicitations API. Primary Sources Small Business Administration. “Annual Reports Dashboard,” 2018. https://www.sbir.gov/awards/annual-reports. Small Business Administration. “SBIR Awards Data,” 2018. https://www.sbir.gov/api. Small Business Administration. “SBIR Solicit Data,” 2018. https://www.sbir.gov/api.

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