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Arthropods have been understudied on Santa Cruz Island, resulting in an incomplete understanding of these diverse and ecologically important members of island ecosystems. To enhance the current understanding of Santa Cruz Island biodiversity, we sampled arthropods in 2 native plant habitats: island scrub oak (Quercus pacifica) woodland and patches of island morning glory (Calystegia macrostegia ssp. macrostegia). We used 4 standardized sampling techniques to sample arthropods in 16 Q. pacifica woodland plots. We sampled arthropods associated with C. macrostegia by pan trapping within 1 m of blooming morning glory individuals. In total, we sampled over 18,000 arthropod specimens, sorted the specimens to morphotypes by order, and had taxonomic specialists identify 10 orders to the narrowest possible identification (n = 458 total species or morphotypes). The taxonomic distribution of our identified specimens is as follows: 1 species of Scorpiones, 5 morphospecies of Pseudoscorpiones, 74 species of Araneae, 4 species of Orthoptera, 10 species of Psocodea, 10 species of Hemiptera, 1 species of Neuroptera, 60 species of Coleoptera, 8 species of Lepidoptera, and 42 species of Hymenoptera (Formicidae and Apoidea). Of these, 62 species represent newly recorded arthropod species on Santa Cruz Island. The diversity of our collections within the Quercus pacifica and Calystegia macrostegia habitats, the deficiency of current knowledge of Channel Island arthropods, and the fundamental role of arthropods in island ecosystems emphasize the need for a more comprehensive arthropod inventory across the California Channel Islands.


Proceedings of the 8th California Channel Islands Symposium.

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