The South Carolina Shellfish Industry Faces a Challenging Recovery After COVID-19

Publication Date

Summer 6-18-2020

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LGP 1071


The South Carolina shellfish industry has suffered due to COVID-19 related restaurant closures and producers are wondering how long the restaurant recovery may take. While there is no exact timeline, the recovery will depend on a few factors: a reduction in the unemployment rate, a restoration of household income, and a recovery of household restaurant expenditures to pre COVID-19 levels.

There may be opportunities for shellfish producers to switch sales channels from restaurants to other sales avenues, but there are significant obstacles. Hopefully, the industry and its supporters (policymakers, advocates, and consumers) can work together to overcome these obstacles and speed the recovery of South Carolina’s shellfish industry.

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Land-Grant Press by Clemson Extension

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Clemson, SC

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Shellfish producers, restaurants, department of agriculture, seafood consumers, aquaculture producers